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"Inspired by "Humans of New York", Humans of Baruch is uncovering stories of humans in our diverse student body, one photograph at a time."

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Humans of Baruch is known to empower the voice of unspoken individuals of the Baruch College community, bringing in a little more class to the school's social media front.

Believing in their strive to provide the right representation of our campus community, I instantly knew that I want to be a part of the working team that will help continue this mission. 

As their Marketing Producer, I take part in managing this project's overall social media marketing and creative strategy, bringing in new innovative ideas and designs to help further its brand awareness.

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If you got a knack for photography and journalism, this event will catch your eye! Take your first step to learn how you can play a pivotal role for your entire college career by joining us at our first ever General Interest Meeting. 

We will be introducing the operating team behind Humans of Baruch and discuss on how you can be a part of the team! Hope to see you there!

Since 2013, Humans of Baruch was established to tell stories of our diverse campus one photograph, one interview at a time, in an effort to unite the student body and enrich the college experience even more.

We celebrated our stories in the first gala then uncovered some more in our previous one. For this gala, we are focusing on moving forward. While the past reflects our present selves, we are dedicating today to create innovative new pages that will shape our tomorrow’s reality. New pages that provide a clean slate and leaving us a sense of futuristic excitement and of course, more new stories to share. 

Program Itinerary:
Reception and Mixer
Gallery of Displayed Stories
All Fun and Games
Behind the Media Production
Guest Performances
Raffle Giveaways 

Baruch We Hustle

Meghan Daly
Raymond Mei
Shiksha Kowlessur
Michael Stevens
Zoe Wong

Being that I am a semester away from graduation, I knew this campaign project is something I really wanted to continue and leave with as part of my legacy to Humans of Baruch. Special thank you to FindSpark for allowing me to share my article on their website. 

As Humans of Baruch has a solid history featuring Baruch students with interesting backgrounds, Baruch We Hustle is an extended platform that strives to inspire others to hustle by sharing stories of students behind their hustle. At the moment when I decided to continue this campaign founded by my strong hustler friend, Jon Park, I knew this project can give people the missing trigger they need to hustle even harder with reason and inspiration. Through conducting interviews with five very diverse students of Baruch College, I learned something from each story that I like to share with an article I wrote following the campaign.

Click on photos to read the featured students' stories on the Baruch We Hustle campaign. 

Click on the logos to read my article about the campaign.

Read my article on

5 Main Triggers To Hustle At All Costs:

AAPI Leadership Panel: Homage to Heritage

Humans of Baruch has partnered with universities across the country to carry forth a movement called the Asian American Photo Iconic Project, and is led by Leah Shin and John Kim of University of Washington State. This project strives to highlight AAPI leaders, icons, and individuals of influence in our community. In doing so, this project also opened up a platform for students at Baruch College to tell their story about their role models and why they aspire to be like them.

For this project, I helped execute our Leaders Panel event page and invited students of Baruch College to experience a time where we come together to pay homage to the Asian-American heritage. I was also given the honor to interview four of my friends who were interested in partaking this project and was able to share their stories on our social media front. 


(full stories and more stories available on Humans of Baruch Facebook and Instagram pages)


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#HOB31 Challenge

Assigned Theme

We’re featuring MakerHub this week so we’d like you to share something you’ve created (can range from original songs, poems, drawings to apps, products, businesses). Describe your creation in your caption. Use #HOB31 and we’ll share some of our favorite ones.


Imagine yourself, two inches, closer to the world, then, two inches further from the sky. How much bigger does the world feel with every photo? Since I was little, my mom has been expanding her world, one photo at a time. Eventually becoming a habit, she shares a piece of her world with me and my family every day. This small world of ours is what I’d like to share with the rest of the world, and that's why I created an Instagram account called ‘’ From her photos, I saw, heard, and felt the same air she captured – and it’s these very moments, I’d like to share, the frozen slates of magic she captures. By turning her photos into puzzles and putting them together again, clarifies how much two inches can change our perspectives, and how much we miss the first time.

I’ve told her before, but I think it’s a little special when it’s written out, so, thank you mom. For being my inspiration, my lifelong photographer, and for watching me grow. #HOB31

Wendy Xie
Social Media Manager, Humans of Baruch
(Instagram: @humansofbaruch)

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