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"The United Chinese Language Association (UCLA) at Baruch College strives to promote Chinese American awareness and an increased understanding for Chinese culture and heritage on campus. Through our pillars of Culture, Family, Service and Mentorship, we provide a lifelong network of fellowship and community for our members, bringing together the diverse student body of Baruch College and promoting an increased tolerance for diversity on campus."

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By Baruch Women in Business

When I noticed how this organization lack a solid presence in Baruch, I knew I want to be their Vice President of Marketing. I knew with this position, I can implement new entertaining strategies to help elevate their presence and encourage more people to actively join our movement.

As being their Vice President of Marketing allowed me to spearhead their mission for promoting cultural awareness and diversity, it was also a great learning opportunity to test nifty ideas, thus furthering my career in Marketing.

Together with my Directors Board, we strive to ensure a welcoming environment by exposing new event and marketing ideas to maintain engagement and uplift understanding in Chinese culture for all current and prospective members.

Social Media

Museic Mondays

Museic Mondays is a channel segment where we celebrate our performers, or whom we call our Muse, for their artistic talent in addition to expressing cultural appreciation. I created this social media segment to entertain our followers and remind them of the good times and wonders taken place in our 2017 Lunar Festival. 

Cinematography and Video Editing by Wendy Xie

Magazine Covers

Networking Cards

Campaign Designs

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