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"Founded in 1990, SinoVision is the leading dominant Chinese-language TV station in the New York Metro area. It has two Chinese Channels 24-hour digital channel 24.4 and cable channel 73 and one English Channel 24-hour digital channel 24.3, with an exceptional estimated daily viewership of over 800,000."

© Media Sources by Sinovision Inc. 

Sinovision was the first and foremost television channel that I grew up watching with my family practically everyday 24/7. From lifestyle discoveries to minority representation, Sinovision has educated me so much about my heritage, native language and the significance of being outspoken by raising my voice. As it left me with a very powerful influence growing up, I knew I want to pursue a career working in television. 

When the Sinovision Producer of the English Channel department contacted me on LinkedIn to interview for a summer internship with them, it was one of the biggest dreams come true. Never would I have imagined that I have a chance to intern with one of the leading parent media industries for the summer. This lifetime opportunity, by far, was one of the best internships I ever had. I will never forget the friends I have made and the learning experience I have acquired from the course of this internship.

From interning with Sinovision, I honed many technical and analytical skills that helped broaden my creative horizons. Skills included video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro, voice-over and on-air reporting, broadcasting, filming, acting, translating and writing scripts, writing captions for Sinovision's digital platforms and lifestyle blogging. 

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