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"As a result of WarnerMedia’s commitment to building a more inclusive workforce, WarnerMedia Access has partnered with Reel Works’ MediaMKRS program to create a free 7-week training program to develop post-production coordinators that will prepare them to work in high-end scripted programming. Trainees will connect with industry professionals who will provide them with real-world knowledge, collaborate with peers to apply their learning in scenario-based practicums, and gain tools to enhance their communication, critical thinking, and collaboration skills."

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Since the start of my career, I was always passionate about working in Production. When I heard about the Post Production Coordinator training program, I was so determined to get in. After 2 rejections and 4 interview rounds, I finally got into the Spring 2021 3rd Cohort class as a Post Production Coordinator trainee. I was so excited about this opportunity because it was a chance to learn more about Post Production in high-end scripted programming outside of my day job of working in media sales for entertainment networks.

In 6 weeks, I met 15 likeminded individuals who also wanted to get a career in Post Production. We learned from our instructor and Post Producer, Kendall McCarthy, who showed us the ropes of role expectations and responsibilities as a Post Production Coordinator. In this program, we learned how to screen dailies, complete Post paperwork and manage ADR sessions from booking to budgeting.

Thank you, Reel Works' Keisha Katz, and HBO's Cynthia Kanner for creating this program to fruition. This was an unforgettable experience.


Case Study

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In the Post Production Coordinator training program, my class and I worked on executing post coordinating tasks for HBO's Plot Against America as a case study project to better understand what a Post Production Coordinator specifically does on a scripted show. We learned how to use PIX to screen dailies and Screenchronize to house studio files for Lab, Editorial and Post to communicate. In this class, I also learned how to carry out sound element responsibilities such as managing ADR sessions, credit paperwork and stock footage licensing for Post Production team.

To the left, I mocked up a movie poster for Plot Against America for creative exercise.


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