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"FindSpark is a community dedicated to setting up young professionals for career success and connecting employers to top, diverse young professional talent. Since forming in 2011, FindSpark has become the largest Meetup group for interns and recent grads in the country, hosting over 250 events for more than 25,000 members."

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After learning how FindSpark impacted several Baruch alumni who went through the Campus Ambassador program, I knew I wanted to involved. FindSpark dedicates their time and efforts to helping young professionals connect with their dream job recruiters. As someone who strongly resonates to FindSpark's strive in creating equal economical opportunity through sharing ways to stand out in job search and exchanging ideas, I was eager to join their community.


From this, I took my first step in joining this awesome community by being one of their campus ambassadors and use my strategic marketing knowledge to help spread brand awareness in Baruch College. 

With my time in the ambassador program, I had the pleasure working with FindSpark's CEO Emily Miethner and Director of Community & Partnerships Marie Delage. Below are the sample works that I pitched and contributed to FindSpark that illustrates my creativity and innovation:

Events Marketing

Face to Face Workshop Event: How to get Sh*t Done - Setting Goals & Boosting Accomplishments

Format Type: Squared Series/Rule of Thirds (Facebook Carousel/Instagram Gallery)


Facebook: Once you take the first two steps figuring out how to achieve your goals, you can easily accomplish anything. So swipe right to match up with the perfect event you can go to where you’ll feel completely motivated and inspired to accomplish any one of your goals your heart desires.


Instagram: Who knew taking on the first two baby steps will lead you feeling more determined to complete your goals. If you want to know more, come to our Wix Lounge free workshop Tuesday November 14th to learn how you can really get your sh*t done. #findyourspark #goforthegoal


Twitter: If you can’t get your sh*t done, how about you come to @FindSpark’s interactive workshop on Setting Goals & Boosting Accomplishments Tuesday November 14th; 6-8 PM? We’ll get you started.

Virtual Workshop Event: Pitches Be Crazy - Interview and Networking Virtual Workshop

Format Type: Video/GIF Meme


Facebook: Perfecting your homecoming pitch takes practice. With this upcoming free virtual workshop on Wednesday October 18th, several recruiting coaches will teach you how to aim your pitch better so you can score your dream job! RSVP now before you strike out!



Aim your pitch better at an all-new free virtual workshop this Wednesday October 18th, 8:00PM. #linkinbio #pitchperfect #freeworkshop #findspark #virtualworkshop

Twitter: You know Pitches be Crazy because @FindSpark’s all new virtual night workshop this Wednesday 10/18 is leaking out hidden skills and tricks to help you seal the deal.

Storyboard Proposal

My primary responsibility to spread brand awareness in my college campus must start with a Marketing Plan. With that said, I have crafted my storyboard presentation to communicate our brand objectives and what kind of Marketing strategies we can use to attract new and existing members.

Download file here:

Mobile Advertising

FindSpark Article: 7 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your LinkedIn Presence Right Now

Format Type: Vertical Video to publish on Instagram/Snapchat Story

Facebook: Impress a diverse range of recruiters with your winning Linkedin profile after applying these 7 easy ways from reading the article here:


Instagram Story: Check out tips on strategically creating champion LinkedIn Profiles. Here’s a few tips to get you started! #findspark #linkedin #7ways #networkafterwork #lifehacks #handyhacks


Snapchat/Twitter: Stash these 7 free easy-friendly LinkedIn tips on your free time from reading @FindSpark’s newest article. You never know what recruiter you can impress!

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