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"Ascend Baruch, founded in 2005, is one of the first chapters of Ascend National. Today Ascend Baruch is one of the largest business organization on campus with an upwards of 200+ members. We promote self-development through the numerous events that we hold throughout the academic year that will enhance one’s own capabilities in the real world."


Joining Ascend Baruch challenged me to do more and develop my career path as a Marketing major. More importantly, it inspired me to be a leader with the determined heart of making the world a better place. Although this organization is known to develop Accounting and Finance majors on campus, what I experienced with Ascend Baruch however was nothing else compared to that expectation.


It is through my membership with Ascend that taught me to make opportunities happen for self instead of waiting on one. And when opportunities are really out there, take strides to earn it before the opportunity leaves you feeling regretful that you did not cease it on time. I may have earned the privilege to serve as one of Ascend Baruch's Assistant Vice Presidents and I know my journey to making a legacy does not end there.


When I heard that Ascend Baruch's website needed renovation, I stepped up and offered help. I knew taking on this opportunity meant being able to better inform prospective members across the globe why join Ascend by building the most imaginative presentation possible. Little did I know that this act of initiative translated to be my discovered interest, specifically to do web design for the nonprofit.


I drafted a layout back in April 2016 and showed my friends of Ascend on how I envisioned our new website design to appear. In return of their support, I took time off my Spring Break planning its outline and as a result helped finalized the modified product with a brand new interface released on May 31st, day of Spring Banquet. Because of this sense of accomplishment, I felt determined to take on any challenges to create progress for our society.


As my membership with Ascend is almost coming to a close, I would never forget the friends and experiences I have learned from that shaped me to be the Ascender today. To the future years of the 20's and forward, I hope to continue my career supporting non-profit organizations with the best of my abilities. Thank you Ascend Baruch for making my college journey an enjoyable ride so far.



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