"With limitless imagination and creativity, a spark of marketing magic can always make your day."

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Marketing Magician | Strategic Storyteller | Promising Producer

Wendy Xie is a first generation Chinese-American born and raised in New York City's Lower Manhattan. In a city that never sleeps, Wendy grew up largely influenced by pop-culture and connected her cultural identity with early 90's and 2000's television shows. Later in life, Wendy mastered being multilingual in many languages that convey artistic expression such as hip hop fusion dance, sign language, photography, music, magic and other non-vocal languages emphasizing action that "spoke" louder than words. From the day she discovered her talent for choreographing dance to hip-hop music, Wendy is determined to be a creative storyteller and television producer.


After graduating with a Marketing degree at Baruch College, she believe in her impact towards the entertainment industry when she worked for Disney, NBCUniversal, Sinovision and now The CW Network/Warner Bros. Entertainment. Wendy hopes to utilize her experience to be one of the pioneering female TV producers of color and develop slice-of-life shows trendsetting the world of entertainment. She also hopes one day to use her marketing magic to address social and economical issues by devoting to initiatives that will generate a beacon a hope to justice.


Motion Graphics Storytelling for Television Networks

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Voicing underrepresented organizations with Marketing Magic



Developing original story initiatives to post-production